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Leading Destination Management Company (DMC) in France and Monaco

Alcep Travel & Events is one of the most experienced Destination Management Companies (DMC) in France. Centered in Paris and with a branch office in Nice, we handle a wide variety of corporate events in France and Monaco for both large and small enterprises. Groups can vary from 30 to 3000 participants.

The enthusiastic feedback we get (as seen on the ‘What our clients say’ page) confirms one of the strongest attributes about Alcep as a DMC in France: our performance results from the high standards and expectations that we set for ourselves.

Organizing and running French corporate events for overseas customers is a huge responsibility and must be planned with great foresight and precision. We’ve developed our ‘Four Steps to DMC Success in France and Monaco’ approach, which ensures that every DMC project follows a proven track.

At Alcep we’ve built our reputation in France and Monaco as a Destination Management Company capable of organizing superior Gala Evenings. To this end, we draw on our extensive resources about locations, venues and suppliers, which help us to make every special event a memorable one.

By placing your next Corporate Event in our hands, you’ll be certain that your French DMC project is a resounding success.